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About Dynamic Learning Opportunities

Our History

In 1987 Jane Kratzig, President and Founder of Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc. began tutoring students one-on-one in her home in language arts skills and writing. Her business grew by word-of-mouth, and soon she was tutoring the verbal parts of the ACT and SAT Tests. Students needed to learn the math parts also, so she hired and trained a math tutor. Soon she had to recruit and train more math tutors and an English tutor. With the growing popularity of her excellent group of tutors, Jane branched out and hired tutors in all subjects. By 1989 her business was a viable tutoring business, and in 1996 she incorporated the business into Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc.

In 2000, Jane first began offering SAT Prep Courses, which she has updated as the SAT Test has changed. Today, her SAT Prep Courses are well-known in the Corpus Christi area not only for their comprehensive material, but also for their well trained instructors and the substantial score improvements of students who take the Course.

Through the years, Jane has offered and continues to offer a variety of Professional Writing Workshops for diverse groups. These Workshops are always tailored to the specific writing needs of the professional group.

Our Academically Excellent Tutors

Today Jane has well over twenty trained, professional tutors to answer her clients’ academic needs. These tutors include certified teachers and/or degreed professionals: tutors with Doctorates in Genetics and English Composition and Rhetoric; tutors with Masters Degrees in Community Counseling, Spanish, Biology, Liberal Arts, Marine Biology, Education, and English; and tutors with Bachelors Degrees in Computer Science and Math, Philosophy and Religion, Journalism, English, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Interdisciplinary Studies, Sociology, Chemistry, Business Administration and Accounting, Biomedical Sciences, and Psychology. They have attended such schools as the U. S. Air Force Academy, Rice, Baylor, Davidson College, Duke, Stanford, Coast Guard Academy, Wake Forest University, U. of Oklahoma, St. John’s College, Hillsdale College, U. of California - Santa Cruz, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University, U. of Texas, U. of Texas Plan II, and, of course, TAMU-CC, TAMU-Kingsville, and TAMU-College Station.

Many of these tutors are National Merit Scholars and/or valedictorians or one of the top ten graduates in their high school classes. Many have won prestigious academic scholarships to attend colleges, and have tutored in their universities’ learning centers or have been teaching assistants, graders, or lab assistants. Some are already university instructors and adjunct instructors. Academically these tutors are top notch.

Our Talented and Diverse Tutors

These tutors are not just academically successful; they are also well-rounded, interesting, and successful in other endeavors. Some have studied abroad and are multi-lingual, having learned such languages as Japanese and Russian; others have even taught English as a Second Language in other countries. Many of our tutors have been leaders in community work. Some have volunteered or worked for hospitals, veterinarian clinics, the Columbus Fleet, or the Women’s Shelter. Some have done mission work in foreign countries or have been youth leaders in their churches. Others have excelled in various fields: winner of a poetry contest, wrangler at a riding stables, cross country skier, camp counselor, life guard, soccer coach, a master gardener and certified landscape designer, sailor, salsa dancer, scuba diver, yoga instructor, and even the first runner-up in a beauty pageant. Some have other careers, such as school librarian, academic dean of a high school, instructor in a university, engineer, or Air Force pilot.

Our Commitment to Homeschoolers

Tutors also include a group of dedicated homeschoolers, who have either been homeschooled themselves or who homeschooled their own children. These tutors have a vast knowledge and experience with the various programs and curriculums available for homeschooled students. They are committed to helping students in a homeschool setting.

Our Commitment to Continued Recruitment and Training of Qualified Tutors

We are committed to continue to recruit and train outstanding tutors who will not only tutor you in subject matter, but also will be a role model who will inspire you to achieve your potential. We want you to learn how to learn and to enjoy learning. The goal of Dynamic Learning is to meet your educational needs, whatever they may be.

"The object of educaiton is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." - Robert Maynard Hutchins