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Online Payment

Thank you for choosing to pay your balance online. Our website transactions are handled through PayPal, a reliable, secure and quick payment service. Please enter your invoice date and description of payment in the "Payment for" text box (?) on the next page after clicking the PayPal link below.


This service is not our primary source of payment for our services. Only use this payment process if you have discussed your situation with Jane. We are not responsible for any charges sent through PayPal, unless first speaking with Jane to verify your balance. In addition, sending money through PayPal does not register you or your child for any classes/tutoring sessions. To sign up for our SAT Courses, please fill out and mail the appropriate Registration Form, then contact Jane for further information.

Please view the reminders below the PayPal link image before continuing.

SAT Course Payments

  • A $100 deposit is required for any of our SAT courses, unless you are paying in full.
  • To pay in full (without placing a deposit), the total cost of each of our SAT courses (includes 12 sessions) is $650.
  • If you have signed up and are paying for an SAT review course, the total charge is $80.

Tutoring Session Payments

  • Most tutoring sessions require a down payment of 4 hours at $40 per hour ($160 total). The rates vary depending on how many hours/sessions your child needs. Please discuss tutoring sessions, and their totals, with Jane before paying online.
  • Standardized Test tutoring is billed at a rate of $45 per hour. The payment amount for these sessions, depending on hours needed, may vary. Please contact Jane for a complete description of services, charges and expectations before paying online.