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SAT/PSAT Test Preparation

DLO offers courses to prepare your child for the SAT/PSAT exam.SAT/PSAT Courses

Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc., (DLO) has been in the educational consulting and tutoring business since 1989 and has helped many students increase their scores on standardized tests. To better serve you, DLO has recently rewritten our Course Manual, restructured our SAT/PSAT Course, and retrained our tutors. If you enroll in our 2020 courses, you will attend 39 hours of instruction that includes practice tests and assigned homework that reinforces the concepts and strategies presented in each class. All classes will be limited to 12 students. To ensure that each student is working to his/her full potential, large classes may be divided and grouped according to individual skill level.

DLO offers higher quality courses with greater individual attention than our competition – all at a lower price!

New Improved Course Material

Our new SAT/PSAT Course Manual has been rewritten in consultation with experts from other nationally recognized test preparation companies. The course has also been increased from a 30-hour course to a 39-hour course to reflect the changes made on the new SAT/PSAT and to accommodate the addition of the Writing Section. The Writing Section has been written with the help of university English professors and high school English teachers. We feel that our new course is superior to our past courses because of the excellent input that went into the creation of the new manual. In addition to the manual, you will be given other course materials, containing thousands of authentic SAT questions, for a total of nearly 1200 pages.

Proctored Full-Length Exams

During the course you will take three full-length, proctored real new SAT exams under official testing conditions. You will receive computerized feedback, which will give you an accurate assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and an analysis of what you need to study.

Limited Size Classes - More Individualized Attention

All courses are limited to 12 students so that you can get individualized attention from your instructors - another feature that is not available from our competitors at our price.

Highly Trained, Dynamic Instructors

Our instructors have very impressive resumes and extremely high SAT scores. They not only complete training in general tutoring strategies, they also complete rigorous SAT/PSAT Training Sessions. They are good communicators who care about their students' improvement and will work very hard to help you achieve your academic goals.

Fall Review Sessions For Summer Courses

DLO offers students who attend summer classes two 3-hour Review Sessions on the two Saturday mornings before the October SAT and PSAT Tests. During these sessions we will review concepts and strategies so that you will remember what you have learned during the summer. None of our competitors offers this feature, and we think it is especially important for our students. This feature costs students who have been enrolled in our summer classes only $100 more. If you take the summer course and the two Review Sessions, you will then have 45 hours of SAT/PSAT Preparatory work - more hours than any of our competition offers at that price.

Customized Service

Since our course is local, we work to accommodate any special scheduling or other student needs. If you must miss a class, you can make up the class in the next available course for free, or you may make it up by scheduling a one-on-one session with an instructor for $45 per hour. If you are unable to meet the time commitment of a published course, SAT/PSAT tutoring is available on a one-on-one basis.

Affordable Fees

You pay only $650 for the 2020 SAT Spring Courses #N4 and #N5.


  • For GROUPS OF 3 OR 4 STUDENTS who join the same published SAT Course together before the start of the Course, there is a $50 DISCOUNT PER STUDENT.
  • For GROUPS OF 5 OR MORE STUDENTS who join the same published SAT Course together before the start of the Course, there is a $100 DISCOUNT PER STUDENT.
  • For students who pay for the Fall Review Sessions when they sign up for summer courses, there will be a $20 DISCOUNT; then the Review Sessions will only cost the student $80.

Our Guarantee

Historically students who have taken our courses have substantially improved their SAT/PSAT scores. However, unlike some of our competition who make misleading guarantees of specific point score increases, DLO recognizes that students vary in background and aptitude. Therefore, we do not offer a point score increase guarantee, but we do offer a "satisfaction guarantee" as follows: if you attend every class, take every Practice Test, and do all required homework, your score will show significant improvement. If, after doing the prescribed work, you are not satisfied with your score, then you may repeat the course free of charge.

DLO recommends that students who take summer classes sign up for the Review Sessions on the two Saturday mornings preceding the Real SAT.

The Review Sessions will be held on the two Saturday mornings preceding the Sat., October SAT/PSAT Exams.

SAT/PSAT Course Registration Form

Download our SAT/PSAT Course Registration Form (PDF Format)

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