Dynamic Learning Opportunities

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Special Programs and Services

Provide your children with the special programs and services to excel in school.Professional Writing Workshops

Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc. will conduct Professional Writing Workshops tailored to fit your employees' needs. In the past, we have helped employees of a local bank write an instruction manual. Our professional technical writing instructors provided the expertise to assist them successfully through this process.

Grammar and Punctuation Boot Camps

Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc. offers Grammar and Punctuation Boot Camps. We have met with medical transcriptionists and reviewed their work so that they can see grammar and punctuation in context. We can tailor a Grammar and Punctuation Boot Camp for your group.

Since we have access to a varied group of professionals, we will try to answer all your educational needs, whether for school or the workplace.

Special Services

Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc. will be happy to work with area high schools, PTA's, and Academic Booster Clubs to help them disseminate information about preparation for college admission and/or preparation for SAT/PSAT/ACT Tests. Every year we offer free speakers to these groups. Call to schedule a free information session for your group.

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