Dynamic Learning Opportunities

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Client Testimonials

You are sure to have a rewarding experience with DLO tutors."Thank you so much for contributing to College Night for parents at Ray. We appreciate all your knowledge about testing!"    - Nancy

"James raised his SAT math score by 80 points. Will was the best, very patient and flexible with our schedule. Thank you so much!"    - Barbara

"Just a note of thanks to you for the prep class which our son attended in July. He enjoyed it and I think he did quite well!"    - Sally

"My child improved her math with the help of the wonderful tutor from DLO."    - Paula

"My son, Nick, took your class the summer before his Junior year in high school. He has always been a strong and dedicated student, but taking your class gave him test taking skills that I believe helped him score high enough on his PSAT to become a National Merit Finalist. Thanks for being a resource here in Corpus Christi!"    - Karen

"Thanks for your help. Patrick enjoyed working with Matt and he raised his SAT to 1460! (verbal and math only). He's finally pleased."    - Kathy

"My granddaughter passed her Science TAKS with 2208 and the required was 2100. Tell Tammy thank you for us."    - Penny

"I studied English Composition with ****. I learned sentence structure and became a better writer. While I studied with her I took the GED Test and passed the writing section. She made learning fun. I learned more with her than I had in school. **** is a great teacher."    - Janet

"Just wanted to say thank you for the SAT prep course. My score went up 210 points to an 1130 (math and verbal)! This was a great experience!"    - Zach

"My two sons have taken Jane's SAT prep courses, and individual tutoring in geometry, pre-cal and physics. I can't imagine anyone seriously interested in the academic well being of their kids not taking advantage of Jane's extraordinary services. The results have been most impressive, and the cost very modest."    - Tom

I took Jane's SAT class as a junior in high school. The class was organized, well-taught, and effective. Because of my high SAT score, I was accepted to the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas.

I am currently a student at The University of Texas School of Law. I have come home the past two summers to clerk in local law firms and teach SAT classes for Jane. After working with Jane, I am deeply impressed with her knowledge, experience, and passion for helping students achieve their goals. It is obvious that Jane has spent considerable time and effort developing her curriculum and training her tutors.

As both a past-student and past-tutor, I would recommend that all students take Jane's class so that they may achieve their full potential.    - Matt

"The SAT Prep Course offered by Dynamic Learning Opportunities provided the ideal solution for our grandson Phillip last year. Phillip's first experience with the SAT was disappointing, and he was dreading a repeat performance. We decided to try DLO's program. What a great decision that was for us! We found DLO's Course to be excellent in every way. The instructors were enthusiastic, well-trained, and very knowledgeable regarding the subject matter. They offered a multitude of test-taking tips and strategies for the efficient use of the time allotted for each portion of the test. The practice tests and the follow-up critiques helped to boost Phillip's confidence. When the "big day" arrived, Phillip was able to take the SAT knowing he was thoroughly prepared. The result was a substantial improvement in his scores and a very happy college-bound young man. It is a pleasure to endorse such an outstanding program!"    - Lila

"My son increased his SAT scores by nearly 500 points with the help of Dynamic Learning Opportunities. This score increase has enabled him to become considered for university attendance that would have not been possible prior to this program. Dynamic Learning Opportunities delivered exceptional instruction, tailored to fit his needs in a individually tutored setting. My son has a learning disability, and his dramatic increase in scores is absolute testimony to the success of Dynamic Learning Opportunities SAT Prep program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone attempting to increase their child's academic success and achieve a higher SAT score to send to Universities. The SAT score is very instrumental in dictating the future path of a student's academic opportunities and decisions. Dynamic Learning Opportunities SAT Prep program is most definitely money well spent."    - Kathy

"Jane Kratzig's SAT prep class was extremely helpful in my SAT performance. From the beginning to the end of the course my SAT practice scores improved by 800 points! Her tutors are very well versed on the SAT material and suggest many helpful test taking skills to improve performance. It was a very worthwhile prep class that helps calm nerves and stress about the SAT's."    - Clare

"I was one of DLO's first students. In the early 90's, my tutor Eric helped me survive pre-calculus. Pre-calculus was a foreign language to me, and I regularly received C's and F's on assignments. Eric helped translate pre-cal, and with his help, I managed to pass the class with a B. He was patient and had a great sense of humor, which helped me stay focused. Without a decent grade in pre-cal, I might never have been accepted at one of the top small colleges in the United States. My experience with DLO, Inc. demonstrated that Jane Kratzig carefully screens tutors to make sure that they have not only a good knowledge of the subject matter, but they also have incredible patience and good teaching skills."    - Suzy

"I am a single working mother who is home schooling my youngest middle school daughter with the assistance of my niece and Dynamic Learning Opportunities. Dynamic Learning Opportunities has provided excellent service and filled a need for upper level math, language arts and science which I am pretty rusty on. They have paired the Tutors to be able to relate to my daughter which helps when she is struggling with a subject. They have been able to spark her to enjoy learning while excelling. I highly recommend Dynamic Learning Opportunities as extra help for families in the home school environment."    - Linda

"Thank you for all your help. Jeremy is bringing home high 90s on his math tests now." - Jeff