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One On One Tutoring - A Successful Learning Method

DLO offers one on one tutoring sessions.We can tutor most any age group, even adults. In addition, we can also tutor for most any standardized test. Our trained professional tutors can also facilitate your homeschool program, either by planning your entire curriculum or by assisting you in a particular course. Our tutors care about your educational goals and progress and are truly committed to helping you learn how to learn; and, we will individualize our methods, materials, and services to help you in any way we can.

Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc. will work with you to arrange a convenient time and place for tutorials. Our experienced, professional, enthusiastic tutors will adapt methods and materials to your learning style. We will work with you to teach you strategies for learning; in effect, we will teach you how to learn. With us, your needs come first, and we will customize our services accordingly.

At DLO, we have used the one-one-one tutorial method very successfully in the Corpus Christi area since 1989. This individualized one-on-one attention, combined with the secure learning environment of your home, away from the usual classroom distractions, offers you the opportunity to concentrate more completely, to receive answers to your questions as you review the material, to better understand the material, and to achieve your academic goals. And with enthusiastic and intelligent feed-back from our tutors, you just might realize that learning can be fun!

Appropriate Curriculum

For the most part, our trained professional tutors use the curriculum of your classroom. We work with currently assigned classroom homework and scheduled examinations; however, if you seem to be missing a prerequisite piece of knowledge in order to move on in your studies, your tutor may bring in some supplemental material to help explain the deficiency. For standardized test preparation, our tutors use excellent test preparation books and materials to help prepare you for standardized tests, such as TAKS, ACT, SAT/PSAT, GED, SSAT, ASVAB, GRE, GED, SAT II, etc. The focus of our tutors is on your learning, and not just on a rigid curriculum.

Convenient, Flexible Tutorial Schedules

Since you will work at your own pace and will personally schedule your own tutorials with your tutor, you and your parents have the opportunity to decide how long your tutorial sessions will be and how often you will meet with the tutor -- mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, and/or summers. There are no long term contracts required. You can schedule tutorials at times desirable to you in the convenience of your own home or in a library or other suitable, agreed-upon location.

Enthusiastic, intelligent, well-trained tutors

Our trained professional tutors are degreed professionals, certified teachers, graduate students, and highly successful advanced undergraduates. Our tutors have a genuine love of learning and the ability to pass on knowledge to others.

Most of all, our tutors achieve results. They work with students to set goals and to successfully accomplish these desired academic goals.

All tutors undergo a highly selective screening process, which includes interviews, verification of credentials, and a criminal background check.

Organizational, Time Management, and Study Skills

Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc. offers training in organizational, time management, and study skills that will ensure your success in middle school, high school, and beyond.

Although we specialize in helping middle and high school students, our wide variety of professional tutors can tutor you in most any subject. For example, if you need homework help in elementary school, if you need help passing a college math, science, accounting, statistics, or English course, or if you are an adult who needs to pass the THEA Test or some other kind of performance standard, our tutors can help.

"More is to be got from one teacher than from two books." - German Proverb