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Tutoring Subjects

Dynamic Learning tutors provide your child with the right tools to excel in school.A Wide Variety of Subject Tutoring

Our experienced, professional tutors can tutor you in most any middle school or high school subject from Spanish to accounting, from world history to computer science, from fifth grade math to physics, and from English to calculus. We have also tutored many college students in subject matter they have found difficult, like organic chemistry and statistics. We have tutored adults in Spanish and standardized tests, such as ASVAB and THEA.

Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc. has a wide variety of certified teachers and degreed professionals with various fields of expertise who can meet whatever educational needs you may have. Since many students have trouble with math and science courses, we have a large supply of excellent math and science tutors (our most requested tutors). Be sure to call early to set up scheduled times with them before their schedules become too full.

All tutors undergo a highly selective screening process, which includes interviews, verification of credentials, and a criminal background check.

Dynamic Learning Opportunities, Inc. offers tutoring in the following subjects:

  • Elementary School
    • General homework
    • Organizational, time management, and study skills
  • Middle School
    • Homework, all subjects
    • Organizational, time management, and study skills
  • High School
    • Math
      • General Math
      • Algebra I
      • Geometry
      • Algebra II
      • Pre-calculus
      • Calculus
      • Advanced Calculus
    • Science
      • General Science, ITP
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
    • English
      • Rhetoric and Composition
      • American Literature
      • English Literature
    • History
      • World History
      • American History
      • Texas History
    • Social Studies and Government
    • Statistics
    • Accounting
    • Languages
      • Spanish
      • French
  • College Courses
    • Our tutors can generally help with most college courses.
  • Adults
    • Professional writing workshops
    • Various subjects and test-preps
"It's all to do with the training: You can do a lot if you'r properly trained." - Queen Elizabeth